Our Story


The rising trajectory of UMAIA DESIGNS not only shows its impact on the fashion world, but also highlights the professional and visionary approach of its founders, Miled Alexandra Moreno and Mayela Garcia Bozo. His previous experience in design and business laid the foundation for the success of the brand since its first steps in 2015.

With the official registration of the brand and the strategic launch on Instagram in 2016, they demonstrated their keen business sense. The rapid expansion of the brand into international markets was supported by efficient management and a deep understanding of industry trends. The dedication to sustainability and quality in each piece not only reflects premium standards, but also an ethical commitment. The meticulous attention to detail in the choice of materials demonstrates not only an eco-friendly approach, but also an environmental responsibility.

On their journey to excellence, Mile and Maye not only led a successful brand, but also became advocates of ethical fashion, sharing their experience through conferences and participating in social responsibility initiatives.

His vision of UMAIA DESIGNS transcended fashion to become an example of sustainable and successful entrepreneurship. The evolution of UMAIA DESIGNS towards a friendly and customer-centric brand highlights the ability of its creators to adapt to the needs of the market.

Customer loyalty is not only derived from the quality of the products, but also from the personal connection they have cultivated with their audience.

As UMAIA DESIGNS continued to expand globally, they diversified their product lines, introducing new innovative collections and maintaining their commitment to sustainability. They explored collaborations with renowned designers, which allowed them to fuse their distinctive style with varied creative influences.

The presence on digital platforms and global expansion through key markets such as the US. The United States, Europe and Latin America show a solid marketing strategy and an understanding of the various audiences.

The professional history of UMAIA DESIGNS is a testimony of how the passion for design and sustainability, combined with an astute business vision, can lead a brand from its humble beginnings to international prominence.